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about me

Based in North Wales, DoodlyDog offers a range of complementary services that can help - animations, proofreading & website design.

I used to be a librarian …

I’m Eric Davies, an ex-librarian who in previous incarnations worked for the British Standards Institution, managed a reference library, ran training courses on EU information, and commuted weekly from North Wales to the University of Hull, where I worked in the European Documentation Centre.

Based in North East Wales, I live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, running and walking in the woods and hills with my dog, Benge (DoodlyDog incarnate so to speak).

Now in my 23rd year of self-employment, I create animations and websites as well as writing news items for Croner-i, a company providing information and advice to business owners and professional advisors.

Eric Davies aka DoodlyDog running downhill at Snowdon Race

Eric Davies aka DoodlyDog at the International Snowdon Race 2019.
Original image courtesy SportpicturesCymru

Dw i'n dysgu Cymraeg badge - Welsh learner badge

DoodlyDog and the Welsh language

Welsh (Cymraeg) is the language of my forebears. Although not born in Wales, I’ve lived here for more than half my life.

I’ve tried to learn Welsh a number of times and have recently started learning again, having been newly inspired after hearing a presentation by someone from Welsh in Business.

The free translation service they offer (now under the name Helo Blod) has enabled me to provide animations in Welsh and also motivated me to create a Welsh-language version of this site: DoodlyDog.Cymru.

I would like to promote greater use of Welsh and am keen to help create animations and websites that use the language.

If you’d also like to use Welsh in your business, then please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Original header photo of Eric Davies by Ginger Pixie Photography

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