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proofreading packages

Be noticed for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

DoodlyDog’s range of proofreading services can improve the accuracy and readability of your digital and/or printed documents, such as websites, blogs, brochures and flyers.

Having been writing for over four decades, I have a feeling for how the written word should look and am good at spotting errors on both page and screen, including spelling mistakes and problems with layout.

Take advantage of my experience through one or more of these proofreading packages:

Icon for Dash proofreading package


A quick run through your digital or printed text/s, with up to three issues of concern highlighted.

Free of charge, so you’ve nothing to lose by trying me.

Icon for Ellipsis proofreading package


A detailed analysis of your digital or printed text/s, with issues identified for you to address …

I’ll focus on the basics (spelling, grammar, punctuation) and on readability (sentence complexity and length, layout, and whether your words make sense).

What you do then is up to you …

From £30 *

Icon for Exclamation proofreading package


A detailed analysis of your digital or printed text/s, with issues identified and sorted!

This is the Ellipsis service with the added benefit of me taking care of any changes needed, so you can focus on doing other things. (You might even shout with joy!)

From £50 *

* Minimum charge of £30 / £50 applies; a fee for a specific project will be agreed before work starts.  

I can highly recommend @DoodlyDog for proof reading work.

Rob Lewis, Celtic Financial Planning Limited

[...] your critical eye was exactly what I was looking for.

Stephen Maund, The Capacity Foundation

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