Website Specialist



I’m Eric Davies, an ex-librarian who in previous incarnations worked for the British Standards Institution, ran a reference library, and managed an association for librarians and others working with information about the European Union (EU).

Self-employed for 26 years, I live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in North East Wales, where I enjoy running and walking in the woods and hills, usually accompanied by my dog, Benge.

I made my first website in 1996 (back in the days of hand-coding HTML) and continued to create sites alongside doing other things until focusing exclusively on web design, hosting and maintenance.

I enjoy challenges – and learning both WordPress and search engine optimisation (SEO) have provided lots of them.

My background in finding and organising information has proved to be really useful when building websites and working on SEO projects.

I don’t give in easily, so tend to find a way to do whatever’s required; you might say that I’m like a DoodlyDog with a bone!

A proofreading web designer

An avid reader and experienced writer, I’m good at spotting errors on both page and screen.

Give me your copy and I won’t drop it into the site without making sure it makes sense – so you won’t be embarrassed by the sort of typos and readability issues that plague many websites.

To discuss your website project or how I can help improve your SEO and get your pages ranking higher on Google, please get in touch.

Eric Davies aka DoodlyDog running downhill at Snowdon Race

Never give up – Eric Davies, aka DoodlyDog, at the International Snowdon Race 2019. Original image courtesy of SportpicturesCymru