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What is web hosting?

In order for your website to be visible on the internet, it needs to be ‘hosted’ somewhere. That is, all the files and data associated with it need to be uploaded to a computer (aka a ‘server’) managed by a company that specialises in web hosting.

The hosting provider securely stores the various elements of your site and, when someone enters your domain name into their browser or clicks a link to your site, those elements are transferred from the host’s server to the browser and the user sees your website

Cloud web hosting

I offer quality website hosting at affordable prices.

Having tried a number of hosts over the years, I now use Hostinger – a company that I’ve found to be cost-effective, reliable and responsive.

I use their cloud-based hosting and my sites are generally based at a datacentre in the UK, which helps improve speed for UK-based visitors.

Cloud hosting is far superior to the single-server hosting option used for many websites.

As explained by Hostinger:

Cloud web hosting uses a virtual network of cloud servers to host a single site. It is different from traditional hosting, which stores one or multiple sites on a single server.

The primary benefit of cloud hosting is reliability. When one cloud server is down, other servers can take its place to keep the website online. It is also less prone to hardware failure, and webmasters can scale their hosting resources as needed to anticipate traffic spikes.

Uptime guarantee

Hostinger guarantees a 99.9% server uptime rate.

You can check the current status of Hostinger’s services and also performance over a given three month period on their historical uptime page (at the time of writing, the cloud hosting based on UK servers had achieved 100% uptime over three months!).

For an independent view, this is what PC Mag had to say in June 2022 in an article about Hostinger Web Hosting:

Uptime is an extremely important web hosting element, as it's a measure of your website's availability. Sites with good uptime are considered dependable; sites with bad uptime are inaccessible and unreliable.

In our testing over a two-week period, Hostinger proved itself a reliable web hosting service. In fact, our test site didn't go down once during the 14-day observation period.

Daily website backups

The cloud-based hosting package I use includes daily website backups.

(Hostinger recommend additional backup options, so my website management packages include the WordPress backup and restore plugin UpdraftPlus.)

By hosting your site with me, you can get a year’s quality, cloud-based hosting for as little as £80 – which is cheaper than many basic hosting packages (for options, see my prices page).

Why so cheap? Because I’m not aiming to make lots of money from hosting. I pay up front for a multi-year deal and pass on value-for-money prices to my clients.

NB Some web designers ‘white label’ their hosting packages, so it looks like they’re hosting sites themselves. They’re not; hosting is an expensive business, requiring dedicated resources and serious expertise. I have no problem telling clients that their site will be hosted on Hostinger – and that they’ll be getting a quality, cloud-based service.

To discuss your hosting requirements, please get in touch.