Mold Plastic Reduction

Designed in conjunction with the MPR Steering Group, this site was created and is now  (voluntarily) maintained by me. It’s hosted on Hostinger.

News items (largely sourced and written by me) are created as blog posts and appear on both the Home and the News pages.

They are also used in the group’s monthly newsletter, which I create in Mailchimp.

Mock up of home page of Mold Plastic Reduction website on pc screen.
Mock up of home page of Classical XOver4U website on pc screen.

Classical XOver4U

I took this site over from another (big) web design company, importing the original content and then transferring the domain name and hosting.

Once transferred, I immediately added a number of features, including Plausible Analytics to track visitor numbers, a cookie popup and privacy policy, a copyright statement, and a News page based on the client’s Twitter feed.

Based on one of the client’s favourite images, I also developed a new colour palette for the site.

Bag Lady Jen

This small e-commerce site was created for a client who, before Covid struck, sold handmade gifts at craft fairs.

The client’s first choice domain name wasn’t available, so I suggested and registered an alternative.

I also created the simple logo, which the client now uses on their stationery.

Mock up of home page of Bag Lady Jen website on pc screen.
Mock up of home page of Capacity Foundation website on pc screen.

The Capacity Foundation

Another site that I took over from the original creator, this required significant work to update, with almost all the content being either re-written or created from scratch.

New content is added as part of the monthly support package the client subscribes to and I also manage the Foundation’s Twitter feed.

You can read more about this site on the Case Study page.

Anchor PAT Testing

With the client desperate to launch their new service, this one-page site was created from scratch in a weekend!

I registered the domain, set up the hosting package, designed the logo, and – after a bit of background research – wrote the texts for the FAQ.

Mock up of home page of Anchor PAT Testing website on pc screen.
Mock up of home page of Footprints website on pc screen.

Footprints Wales

Created for someone who wanted to share images of walks in North Wales, this site is based around a gallery plugin for WordPress.

The client can simply add new images when they wish.

The font pairing of Barriecito and Trebuchet MS works well, giving the logo and page titles a distinctive look, while making menus and other texts easy to read.

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