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Wollaston Associates

This site, for an estate planning specialist, was created from scratch.

I suggested and registered the ‘.expert’ domain and organised the hosting.

The photos of the client were taken by Raymond Jones Images. Ray also recorded the video clip, which I edited for use on the site.

Estate planning is a complex area, so the home page is intended to give an overview of the various services offered, with links to individual pages for more detailed information.

The FAQ section should grow over time!

Mock up of website for Wollaston Associates on both desktop pc and mobile phone.

Insight Leadership Solutions

Created some years ago in WordPress and then neglected, I’ve given this site a radical makeover.

The combination of pen and ink illustrations and professional photos commissioned by the client give the site a unique look and feel.

Texts have largely been rewritten and the blog posts are recycled from LinkedIn (after being edited by me).

I’ve also edited the talking head videos, to reduce the file size and to add or delete content.

Ace of Media

This site was originally created by the client on Wix, but they thought it didn’t reflect the professional image they wanted.

I registered the new (non-Wix) domain name, sorted out hosting and introduced a number of features to improve the site.

They include: a brief video running as background to the key message on the home page; a link on each page allowing visitors to book a call via Calendly; and a blog post page (‘Free support’) to show off the client’s articles about social media.

The Wix version  of the home page took about six seconds to load; this new one takes under one second!

The site is now managed by the client.

Mock up of home page of Ace of Media website on pc screen.

Llyn Brenig Sailing Club

I was invited to improve this WordPress site, with the aim of attracting more people to join the sailing club.

With very little visual material to work with, I created the home page video from a number of photos.

I also produced a better version of the Club’s logo and redesigned a poster promoting an open day.

An increasing amount of the site is available in Welsh. I’ve been largely responsible for selecting texts and liaising with Helo Blod to get them translated.

Updating the site is an ongoing project, both in terms of adding / editing content and adding more material in Welsh.

Mock up of home page of Llyn Brenig Sailing Club website on laptop screen and mobile phone.

MTS Psychological Health

This was a DIY WordPress site that I took over from the client. I transferred the domain name and hosting (saving a few hundred pounds!) and gave the site a facelift.

The client had some professional photos taken, which immediately gave the site a more personal feel.

I recommended, installed and set up the Booknetic online booking system to replace Amelia (which the client didn’t really like).

The site looks better and loads far faster than the original.

In addition, I created a new logo, business card and double-sided flyer – for a fraction of the price the client had been quoted by someone else!

Mock up of home page of MTS Psychological Health website on pc screen.

The Capacity Foundation

Another site that I took over from the original creator, this required significant work to update, with almost all the content being either re-written or created from scratch.

New content is added as part of the monthly support package the client subscribes to and I also manage the Foundation’s Twitter feed.

You can read more about this site on the Case Study page.

Mock up of home page of Capacity Foundation website on pc screen.

Footprints Wales

Created for someone who wanted to share images of walks in North Wales, this site is based around a gallery plugin for WordPress.

The client can simply add new images when they wish.

The font pairing of Barriecito and Trebuchet MS works well, giving the logo and page titles a distinctive look, while making menus and other texts easy to read.

Mock up of home page of Footprints website on pc screen.

Anchor PAT Testing

With the client desperate to launch their new service, this one-page site was created from scratch in a weekend!

I registered the domain, set up the hosting package, designed the logo, and – after a bit of background research – wrote the texts for the FAQ.

Mock up of home page of Anchor PAT Testing website on pc screen.