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Is your website an asset or a liability?

Ideally, it should be a place to showcase your business, clearly setting out for potential clients or customers what it is you do and what you can offer them.

But if visitors are put off because your site takes a long time to load, or because they can’t find their way around it, or because they can’t understand what they see, is it really doing a good job of promoting your business?

As a professional website designer, I see too many websites that are poorly designed – often by people who have decided to save money by creating their site themselves.

Yes, anyone can make a website, but that doesn’t mean they can create a site that’s fast to load, easy to navigate and attractively designed.

Instead, small business owners who take the DIY approach all too often end up with a site that falls short of their own expectations and those of their visitors.

How do I know? Because many of my clients are people who have made their own sites – only to find that they don’t promote the professional image required.

And so, rather than being an asset to the business, their website becomes a liability, because visitors don’t stay, don’t come back and don’t recommend the site or the business to others.

Unfortunately, most people who have built their own website have no idea whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.

If that sounds like you, then you’d probably benefit from having a fresh pair of eyes look at your website – which is exactly what my free website assessment offers …

Head and shoulders shot of Eric Davies, aka DoodlyDog, a websitedesigner who offers free website analysis.

It costs you nothing to get a DoodlyDog website MOT and have a variety of issues checked, including:

1 – Speed: how quickly does your site load?

2 – Structure: is your site easy to navigate?

3 – Readability: is your content easy to read and understand?

4 – Contact: how easy is it for people to contact you?

5 – Layout: does your site work properly on desktop, mobile and other devices?

Because the analysis usually takes a couple of hours, plus the time required to write a report – and a phone or Zoom call to summarise my findings – I can only offer two free assessments each month.

If you’d like to join the queue, please use the form below or email with details of you, your website and any problems you’re particularly concerned about.